Environmental Policy

As farmers we view our sleeves as keepers of the land and therefore are committed to improving our environmental performance across the whole business. We recognise our key impacts to be in areas of Energy use, material use waste generation , transport water use, emissions to air /water procurement.

We take steps where possible to minimise these impacts where ever possible and have tried to adopt high environmental standards in all areas of operation, by meeting relevant legislative requirements.

Assess our farm & wigwam site activities and identify areas where we can minimise our impacts.

Minimise waste through careful and efficient use of all materials and energy.

Purchase sustainable products wherever feasible [e.g. recycled, FSC or low environmental impact products and energy from renewable Engage & encourage guests in good environmental practice. Inform guests of involvement in environmental action.

Reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for guests and visitors in the vicinity of our operations.

Adopt a green transport strategy, providing travel information to guests both on site and how to get here online.

Aim to include environmental and ethical considerations in investment decisions.

Assist in developing solutions to environmental problems in our own business and in our sector.

Continually assess the environmental impact of all our operations and set meaningful and realistic targets to improve.